solar_diablo (solar_diablo) wrote in holidaygeeks,

holiday top five

1. Halloween - You can dress up, the parties are fun, my fascination with death and the darker aspects of existence, the fact that the Scot-Irish brought it to America, and christian fundies LOATHE it - what's not to love?

2. Christmas season - I say season because I don't care much for Xmas day. Seems like one huge tribute to excessive consumption and sloth. But I still love Christmas Eve. Everything closes down early in the evening, luminarias are lit, and everything seems to go quiet and still for the first time since the start of the season. There's a sense of anticipation and spirituality to it that I didn't appreciate much as a child but do now.

3. Thanksgiving - The food, and the seeming immunity to corporatization make this holiday great. Plus, along with Halloween and Christmas, it has a cool Peanuts special!

4. St. Patrick's Day - For obvious ethnic reasons. Because green's a favorite color of mine. And because any excuse to drink more Guinness is a good thing.

5. 4th of July - Bush has made this one bloody hard. I felt truly patriotic in 2002, but since then it's been hard to associate the history/ideals of the USA with what's going on now. Hasn't choked me up or made me proud like it did 2 years ago.

Lamest holiday - New Year's Eve. Full of drunks, crowds, and broken resolutions. I've never understood the fascination with block parties and large crowds. Doesn't anyone else think the idea of small house parties is a better idea?
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