solar_diablo (solar_diablo) wrote in holidaygeeks,

Autumn rocks

I love this time of year, I really do. The monsoons are moving out of the Sonoran Desert, which means while it's still hot (90-110 degrees F) the air has dried out and it's no longer oppressive. I can't wait until we can turn off the AC for good, and open the house to the night air. Autumn is coming, and sometimes I like the anticipation of it more than the arrival. And I admit, I do like the holidays, despite all my kvetching about shopping and getting a tree and dealing with family. Every one of our birthdays (mine, S--, and Ro) occur in the Autumn, pro football is almost ready to start, and the morning sun has stopped beating against my eyelids at 5:00 am. And of course we have Halloween and Thanksgiving to look forward to.

Which isn't to say I'm not appreciative of the winter for the birthdays it brings, too. ;)
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